Are you sure you are getting credit for all the deductions you are entitled to?

Planning ahead and proper tax preparation allows us to get you the deductions that can save you money in taxes.

Poor planning can cause

  • Overlooked deductions
  • Higher tax liability
  • Improper compliance
  • Federal and State law violations

Having the advice of a professional accountant can avoid these common pitfalls.

Accounting for Businesses and Individuals

Whether you are looking for business or personal tax services, Masterpiece accounting brings Big 4 accounting skills to any sized business, without you getting lost in the shuffle of a big firm.

We can act as an interim CFO, support business owners with Financial Statement preparation and analysis, Cash Flow management, Bookkeeping, Sales tax reporting and more as part of our Financial Advisory Services.

Think of us as a partner, not a vendor. You’ll always have someone to turn to with questions about your financial planning and obligations all year, not just at tax time.

Learn more about Masterpiece and our:

Business Tax Services

Financial Advisory Services

Personal Tax Services

“Masterpiece has been an integral part of the sustainable growth of our business. Their proactive approach to tax-paying has saved us a lot of time and stress. I appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile to get up to date information, and willingness to problem solve when tax questions arise.”