Carmine D., Business and personal tax client

“I cannot express my gratitude to Nadine enough for coming to my rescue and bringing a sense of peace back to my life. Four years ago, I was notified by the IRS I owed more than $80,000 in taxes resulting from an apparent under-reporting of income by $100,000 — as well as an over-reporting of expenses. I had begun freelance writing on my own and my business was just starting out. The tax bill was simply terrifying.

After 2 years of working with another accountant and numerous calls to the IRS, resolution of the situation seemed futile. I didn’t know what to do, and felt like I would drown. I sought Nadine’s help and she took over the case. She was my last resort. Nadine stopped the ‘threatening, heart palpitating’ letters from the IRS. Her insights and experience uncovered the truth: the alleged under-reported income was the result of a 1099 reporting error by one of my clients. I could never have known the origins of the error; and the IRS seemed to have no idea what was wrong either. Nadine is the only one who figured it out. Her thoroughness and strong acumen were my greatest asset through it all.

We thought the discovery of the error would have prompted the IRS to ‘correct’ it. Oh no! They demanded that the filer (my client) refile their erroneous 1099-MISC in order to correct reporting. The problem was the company no longer existed. Through ‘quick-thinking,’ Nadine asked if the company’s accountant was still around. We were able to get a hold of the accountant and Nadine convinced him to correct the error. Though the process took some time to resolve, Nadine was there for me throughout. She refused to let it go even when I was ready to throw in the towel. She never let up. In fact, she uncovered additional errors on the tax forms and requested a further reconsideration of the audit — to lessen my tax burden by over $55,000. No small feat!

Most importantly, even more than the money, I never felt I was going through this on my own. Thank you, Nadine! I am forever in your debt and wholeheartedly recommend you to any client in need of a true tax professional.”

James L, Business and personal tax client

“I’ve been utilizing Nadine for a few years now.  I can’t say enough regarding her thorough work, coaching and more importantly the person she is.  Preparing taxes and going through the yearly process is stressful enough but not when you have someone as nurturing as Nadine, it changes the whole experience.   She finds ways to minimize tax liability in addition to any audit exposure.   Guiding you and coaching you so that every year you continue to grow and learn.  Throughout the year she sends amazing articles and quotes that educate us.  These are the little things that go a long way.  She is truly invested in you as the person!!!.  I’ve sent many people to Nadine and everyone comes back raving on how amazing the experience is.  I’m over the moon with Nadine and will continue to utilize her in the years to come.”

Rachael M., Business and personal tax client

“Nadine really goes above and beyond, spending extra time on my returns to make sure all the t’s are crossed and that I get the maximum refund possible.  But beyond that, she’s kind and personable, and I feel from the questions she asks that she’s approaching my taxes from a strong belief in doing what’s right, not cutting any corners.  I love working with her!”

Bianca L., Business and personal tax client

“We have been working with Nadine for over 4 years. In that time she has been an integral part of the sustainable growth of our business.

Her proactive approach to tax-paying has saved us a lot of time and stress. Moving to paying quarterly taxes has also saved us some money long term.

Especially appreciated are our frequent and clear communications with her, her willingness to go the extra mile to get up to date information, and her willingness to problem solve when tax questions arise.

In our personal life, she has supported us through 2 complex mortgage applications as well. Her insight and expert advice have been invaluable.

Working with Nadine is a great personal experience, but most of all, our business has truly benefitted from having her on our team.”