Our Resolutions — Are They Transcendent or Temporal?


Greetings, and Welcome to Year 2023! 

Our Resolutions — Are They Transcendent or Temporal?

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{5 minutes to read}  I wonder how you and I would relate to each other daily — if our resolutions were transcendent, and not temporal – can you imagine that? 

(Please pardon the lengthiness of this article. I’m just asking that you walk alongside me for a few minutes.

New Year’s Resolution(s)

Most of us around the world have already entered the year 2023, a New Year. Generally, when we come to the end of a task, a project, an event, etc., our thoughts move to, what’s next? As is customary, at the beginning of a year, the buzzword is resolution. Some have already made resolutions for the New Year — others don’t care much for it.

Resolution — What Does That Mean? 

  • According to Dictionary.com, it is the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.
  •  According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is a firm decision to do or not to do something, and the quality of being determined, resolute — purposeful.

Based on the definitions, a resolution is to be rooted in firmness of purpose and our mental state of mind plays a key role in that decision. 

As I reflect on the meaning of resolution, could it be that our resolutions failed because they were made at a time when we may not be mentally well, and/or our resolutions are not firmly rooted in an intended purpose (we need a strong why – as per the gurus)?

 Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher and cultural critic, penned — “if you know the why you can live anyhow.”

– A Firmness of Purpose and Soundness of Mind is Required – 

I can’t explain why certain thoughts are often at the forefront of our memory/mind and can be easily assessed, while others need uninterrupted time to sort through to assess their intent and validity. I find that some of the thoughts from the latter group are embedded in my undertakings.

Oxford Dictionary defines an undertaking as, “a formal pledge or promise to do something.” The word may not be widely used, however, there are similar words commonly used such as a word of honor, pledge, agreement, covenant, commitment, and guarantee.

Commitment — Covenant — Pledge — These Are Not Lightweight in Action.

In the context of the above, lately, my reflections are centered on my various relations; such as connection to/with individuals — groups — causes — organizations, etc.

As these reflections deepen, with a more conscious state of mind, a sense of peace encapsulates me when my thoughts drift to a more purposeful way of being.

What would be our way of being if we (you and I) were more willing to make resolutions with a firmness of purpose?

Let’s go a level deeper. I wonder what we would become if we gave less value to the temporal – and more value to the transcendent.

The Oxford Dictionary defines transcendent, as “(of God) existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe.” The word is from the Latin prefix, trans – meaning beyond.

According to www.quora.com (an online platform of shared knowledge), “transcendent values are independent of time, space, and people. It means that transcendent values are true and remain true regardless of era, geographic location, and people’s views/opinions/ideologies/deeds.”

According to www.gotquestions.org (an online platform that offers a biblical response to questions), to transcend means “to exist above and independent from; to rise above, surpass, succeed. By this definition, God is the only truly transcendent Being, continually seeking to reveal Himself to His creation.” His creation is us (you and me).

Practically, with the help of our benevolent Creator, it is possible to rise above the ill-wills that are common to humanity such as lies, hatred, greed, malevolence, grudge, indifference, etc.

Is that possible in this era?

Answer: Yes. According to scripture: “with man, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

In closing, to achieve a well-lived life, it may be wise to be more purposeful. We may need to revisit the value we place on some of our undertakings; are they transcendent, or are they temporal? 

Have a great and hope-filled 2023!

In the spirit of peace,


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