On This Independence Day, Do We Still Take Pride in the Red, White & Blue?

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Greetings to You — Independence Day!

Today, Americans across the nation celebrate another year of “freedom” from the Great Britain.

With pride, last night I looked onto the red, white and blue city skyline while strolling the river in Brooklyn, yet as my thoughts deepened, I wonder if there was still some pride left in the red-white-and-blue.

So, I allow my thoughts to take a longer walk down memory lane, at a moment in time when an “event” brought a semblance of unity among us — then.

The year was 2001, that historical September day when a force of destruction attacked the nation of America. Yet in spite of the many lives lost, and the lives still impacted, I could recall moments after that event we joined in heart-felt ways — as a nation — as one, to rebuild.

Pride in the Red-White-and-Blue

Through a lens of hope, I was looking forward to a greater sense of unity & togetherness among us after the Covid-19 lock-down; considering a larger number of lives were lost due to a virus — with its rippling effects, yet to be quantified. As strange as it may seem — there is someplace within my sheer naïveté, I remain hopeful that this pandemic will bring about an awakening of sensitivity among us to the things that truly matter.

Notwithstanding the apparent diminish in our growing lack of compassion for one another, I believe a few words from Alan Jackson’s song titled, “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning,” still hold true. In the song he penned, “faith, love and hope are some good gifts -.” Click here to listen to the lyrics of the song he penned in 2001 after the 9/11 attack on America.

By faith, I know we can take pride in the red, blue, and white; when we allow love and hope to dwell among – and within us. Some among us know this to be true.

We experience these timeless gifts of faith, love, and hope within some of our relationships with others, these are often more evident with the individuals we choose to be close friends. Nonetheless, I sometimes experience small moments of these gifts in other human interactions; and I hope you do as well.

Let us celebrate — with pride!

May God bless America.

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